Important Physics MCQs for NEET

Important Physics MCQs For NEET

Previous trends reveal that NEET aspirants find Physics as the most challenging section amongst the other sections. But most of them fail to decipher the reason behind this. This particularly can be as the candidates taking up this examination are predominantly medical aspirants with their subject of interest being Biology. Also, sections like Physics are more on theories, laws, numerical as opposed to Biology which is more of fact-based, life sciences, and comprising of substantial explanations.

Important Physics MCQs for NEETThe table outlined below directs you to the topics and corresponding links of MCQs. Furthermore, these questions are backed by solutions to ease it out for students enabling an effortless and smooth search experience. The topics range from the basics to the most advanced concepts so that students are covered. Free Download Important Physics MCQs for NEET.

With these fully-solved NEET Physics questions, you can easily gain perfection in Physics. Physics is the most feared subject for most of the NEET aspirants. You must understand that it’s not that Physics is difficult to understand but the difficult part is the application of these common principles on the Physics MCQs that you find in the NEET exam.

Most of the students know and remember every concept and formula in the NEET Physics Syllabus but when they get a NEET Physics Question, they are not able to either understand the complexity in the given Physics MCQ or able to recall the concept or apply the concept step-by-step on the given question.

NEET Physics Question Bank

Our team of experts has compiled a set of physics questions and arranged them chapter wise and topic wise so that you can get all those Physics MCQs of the kind that comes generally in NEET in one place, in the NEET Physics Question Bank. You do not need to search for the right questions to prepare for NEET Physics. These questions not only include the previous year questions that have appeared in earlier years’ medical entrance examinations but also our experts have added more new questions to make it comprehensive practice for all the NEET aspirants. Free Download Important Physics MCQs for NEET.

Based on a whole lot of experience, we fully understand the difficulty faced by the students in solving Physics MCQs for NEET. Our experts also understand the kind of doubts and the steps on which students commit a mistake while practicing or answering Physics MCQs. So, for the benefit of all the NEET aspirants, our experts have not only created the Physics Question bank of NEET but also provided you with the detailed step-by-step solution for each of the Physics MCQ in such a manner that you can clear all your doubts at a glance and learn the right steps on a click. Free Download Important Physics MCQs for NEET.

This NEET Physics Question Bank is arranged chapter-wise and in increasing order of difficulty. The questions are as per the NTA syllabus and as per the latest pattern for NEET. The difficulty level of the questions matches the difficulty level of Physics questions in the latest NEET exam. These questions should be practiced in sync with your school plan. You can practice any chapter at any time at your convenience. Free Download Important Physics MCQs for NEET.





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NEET Physics Chapter Tests

After you have practiced the NEET Physics questions for chapter, you should ideally give a gap of a week or ten days and then take a mock test of that chapter. Try to finish the NEET Physics Chapter Test well before the allotted time. The questions in the Physics chapter tests are all as per the latest pattern. You should practice another chapter test of the same chapter again after a week or ten days.

Important Physics MCQs for NEET

Once you have practiced all the chapters from the NEET Physics Question bank and taken the chapter tests, a month before the actual NEET exam, you should first, practice the questions in the revision lists if any, and then practice the questions in the bookmark list. After this, you should proceed to take the NEET Physics Mock Tests. Take these tests sincerely and try to finish these NEET Physics Mock tests within the allotted time. Free Download Important Physics MCQs for NEET.

NEET Physics MCQs And Study Tips


Clarity is critical. Your answers must be clear and concise which means that you must be clear in the concepts behind the topics. Knowing and understanding the concepts is important but that is not the key factor in getting good marks. What is key is that you are able to implement and use them in solving MCQs. The evaluation will not be on your knowledge of the concepts and procedures – it will be on how you are able to implement them. Focus your study on this aspect. You should have formulas and derivatives at the forefront of your thought process so that you can apply them in the right manner to give clear answers. Free Download Important Physics MCQs for NEET.

The NEET physics paper does not normally ask direct questions. They are designed to test your knowledge of concepts, formulas, and theories.


As with all examinations, practice is a key factor in a good performance. Spend time answering previous years’ question papers. At first, do not worry about the time and stop and refer to your study material to get the right answers. The next step is to answer the questions without having reference material with you. Note down all the questions you are not able to answer correctly and spend some time practicing them until you are confident about giving the correct answers. Once you can do this, time yourself and ensure that you are able to answer all the questions within the required time frame. Free Download Important Physics MCQs for NEET.

Answering Questions

  • Knowing the order in which to tackle the questions can save time. Getting the ones that can be answered quickly out of the way will enable you to devote more time to those that require it.
  • Solve the direct formula-based questions first – these can usually be done quickly.
  • In the case of thermodynamics and heat, many of the questions are based on principles or P-Y graph which should be easy to answer
  • Theoretical questions usually do not involve much in the way of calculations and if you are strong on the fundamentals, you should be able to answer them in a short time.
  • With these questions out of the way, you can focus on those that require lengthy calculation. You will know how much time you have left and will be able to time yourself effectively.


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