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The book Theory of Counting (Permutation, Combination & Probability) for JEE Main & Advanced 2015 delves deep into the basics of Permutation & Combination, and Probability then advances into the IIT JEE level and ends up high with the International Maths Olympiad level. The book provides FREE video lecture links (prepared by the author) marked in each chapter.

Theory of Counting for JEE Main & AdvancedThis will be a beneficial ADD ON feature for the students who face any sort of problems in basic concepts and fundamentals. QR codes have been provided, which will directly take you to the video with the help of your Smartphone or tablets. For students other than Smartphone or tablet users, links have been provided, which they can access on the web. Each chapter has been well explained and illustrated with numerous examples for a better understanding of the reader.

JEE Main Maths Syllabus is usually announced by the exam conducting authority. From 2019 onwards, National Testing Agency is in charge of overlooking the JEE Main examination and all the related things to it like prescribing the syllabus, releasing admit cards, announcing the results, and more. NTA has prescribed the latest JEE Main Syllabus for maths. The maths syllabus consists of 16 units and is similar to the last year. The syllabus and the exam pattern remains unchanged. Therefore, students can refer to the JEE Main maths syllabus, and it will help them formulate a proper strategy for studying in an organized manner.

Each chapter is divided into two parts –

  • Part A: Basic, concept building and Board level Questions
  • Part B: Difficult, IIT JEE and Maths Olympiad Questions

Table Of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Selection (Combination)
  • Geometrical Construction
  • Arrangement
  • Circular Arrangement
  • Word/ Number Formation
  • Distribution
  • Number of Integral Solution
  • Probability Introduction
  • Dependent and Independent Events
  • Conditional Probability
  • On The Cards
  • Probability Miscellaneous
  • Puzzles

It is advisable to students that before attempting Part B of any Chapter, they must solve Part A of all the chapters.

Quantitative problems in this book have been divided into 5 difficulty levels viz. Concept Applicator, Concept Builder, Concept Cracker, Concept Deviator, Concept Eliminator.




SIZE – 10.8MB

PAGES – 401

The details of the various levels are as mentioned:

  • Concept Applicator: Basic concept testing questions.
  • Concept Builder: Concept strengthening questions.
  • Concept Cracker: Challenging level questions.
  • Concept Deviator: IIT JEE equivalent level questions.
  • Concept Eliminator: International Maths Olympiad standard questions.

India’s First Book with Video links/ QR Codes

The best bet is that this book is self-sufficient in itself. For the aspirants of any competitive examination like IIT JEE Main and Advanced, RMO, and also Board exams, etc. their quest for an overall adaptive book ends here.

Once the reader can complete this book, he can be rest assured of his excellent performance on the exam day.

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