Dr Ali Objective Biology Volume 1 & 2

Dr Ali Objective Biology for NEET has been carefully designed to help aspirants of various medical entrance examinations to not only gain expertise in the subject but also get the thorough practice of the kind of questions that come in the examinations. The content is based on the latest NEET (UG) syllabus incorporating the syllabus of the other medical entrance exams as well as NCERT. The questions ascend from basic to application-based, strengthening the problem-solving skills of the aspirants. In Addition, the book will also adequately help students to read, revise, recap, and practice, all in one place.

Dr Ali Objective Biology Volume 1 & 2The Objective Biology for NEET is an endeavor to prepare the students for NEET (AIPMT) and other medical entrance examinations. Revision at a Glance, an exquisite feature has been incorporated to enhance the quick-learning. An enormous number of Practice Problems based on the latest NEET pattern has been extensively developed from NCERT Biology books of Class 11 and 12. The designing of questions is strictly in accordance with the topic that aids students in approaching the problems of the topic under study. Free download Dr Ali Objective Biology Volume 1 & 2.

Apart from the Answer Key, the distinctive feature, Hints, and Explanations of tricky conceptual questions have also been given to simplifying the learning. In the beginning, Directions to Use the Book is inked to hand down some advice to medical aspirants. Free download Dr Ali Objective Biology Volume 1 & 2.

Dr. Ali’s book is one of the most wanted books for Neet and IIT students. Dr. Ali has lots of concepts and a good package of materials with high quality of questions and also solutions. You can find lots of questions directly matched from this book in previous years and the searching Trends of doctor Ali book is large. You can trust Dr. Ali’s book if you want to get good marks in your Neet or IIT jee exams. Free download Dr Ali Objective Biology Volume 1 & 2.

Dr Ali Objective Biology Volume 1 & 2 books will make your preparation very good for your exam needs. It gives you the chance for getting high marks in your exam. Doctor Ali is one of the best choices for Neet examination conducting students for their preparation. You can also prepare with some other books like DC Pandey Book, Fingertips Books, Most Wanted Books, and some others. All those books you can get on this website just click on the menu and then book option. Free download Dr Ali Objective Biology Volume 1 & 2.






Dr. Ali is a very nice book having questions from each sentence of NCERT. There are 200+ OR 250+ questions from each chapter. The options are very much closer that make you confuse and give a very right-brain exercise. The book seems to be a xerox copy as it is a black and white edition this has an extra benefit that neet question paper is also black n white and give a sense of similarity. If you take it very seriously then it is very much useful. Free download Dr Ali Objective Biology Volume 1 & 2.

Salient Features

  • Based on the latest syllabus of NEET (UG)
  • Content divided into units and units further divided into chapters
  • Chapters are MCQ based, with concepts explained through precise points
  • Objective-type questions divided into MCQ’s, Match the Following, Assertion-Reasoning, etc.
  • Includes Figure-based Questions
  • Latest NEET Question paper with Answers

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Download Volume 1 (52.00MB)

Download Volume 2


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