Complete Companion for JEE Main 2020 Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Complete Companion for JEE Main 2020 Chemistry series has been designed to be an independent resource to enable faster and effective learning. This series includes three separate books on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, where the core objective of each book is to provide ‘effective preparation via modular and graded content.’ Developed by highly experienced and qualified faculties, these books would act as trusted content for aspirants who are aiming to clear the JEE (Joint Entrance Examinations) and other key engineering entrance examinations.

Complete Companion for JEE Main 2020A Complete Resource Book for JEE Main series is a must-have resource for students preparing for Joint Entrance Examination. There are three subjective books—Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics; the core objective of this series is to strengthen the fundamental concepts and prepare students for various engineering entrance examinations. It provides class-tested course material and numerical applications that will supplement any ready content available as a student resource. To ensure a high level of accuracy and practicality, this series has been authored by highly qualified and experienced faculties for all three titles.

Complete Companion for JEE Main 2020 Volume 1 particularly developed for class 11th students, so that they can start their preparation from the early days. This title is designed as per the latest JEE Main syllabus, where the important topics are covered in chapters. It has been structured in a user-friendly approach such that each chapter begins with topic- wise theory, followed by sufficient solved examples and then practice questions along with previous years’ questions.






The chapter-end exercises are structured in line with JEE questions with ample of questions on the single choice correct question (SCQ) for extensive practice. Previous 18 years’ questions from JEE Main and AIEEE are also added in every chapter. Hints and Solutions at the end of every chapter will help the students to evaluate their concepts and numerical applications. Because of its comprehensive and in-depth approach, it will be especially helpful for those students who prefer self-study than going for any classroom teaching.

Series Features

  • Complete coverage of topics along with an ample number of solved examples
  • The large variety of practice problems with complete solutions
  • Chapter-wise Previous 18 years’ AIEEE/JEE Main questions
  • Fully solved JEE Main 2019 (Jan/Apr) questions added in the opening section of the book.
  • Includes 5 Mock Tests papers based on JEE Main pattern in the book
  • Free Online Mock Tests as per the recent JEE Main pattern

Tips on how to buy the best JEE books

  • Remember to buy only the latest editions of JEE Main preparation books: Each revised edition ensures that the book is more concurrent and includes solved problems and practice questions according to the latest exam pattern and exam trends.
  • Do not refer to too many books at a time: Stick to one book and look at other books only when you need help on a specific topic. To know which book to refer to which topic, read the author’s introduction. The area of his or her expertise and interest areas are useful pointers to topics that will best be covered by the book written by the author.
  • Save money by looking at our free study material first. Ex-IITians and askIITians experts have prepared it after careful research and paper analysis. It might be sufficient for a significant part of your exam preparation. You can then buy books only as you need them.

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