30 Most Important Organic Conversions

Are you facing problems while doing organic conversions? Do you not have an organic conversion chart with you? 30 Most Important Organic Conversions

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In this post, we will discuss the easy ways of organic conversions. Organic conversion charts are also included in this post.

30 Most Important Organic ConversionsOrganic chemistry is the most interesting part of JEE chemistry lectures. Although interesting, they are hard to learn and understand. However, with proper training and IIT JEE chemistry video lectures, these can be easily understood and followed. An important part of organic chemistry is learning the properties of carbon and how it interacts with other elements. Carbon is a fascinating material that is all around us. Organic chemistry teaches you how it is present around us. It forms several compounds like alcohols and ethers and the equations and formulae can be a headache. 30 Most Important Organic Conversions.

The questions asked in various competitive examinations like JEE, AIEEE, UPSET, etc. have been given. Complete answers and solutions to the exercises are provided. Hence the material provided will enable the students to master the subjects through practice and self-test. With this book, the students can prepare for their examinations with skill and confidence. The book will be equally useful for B.Sc. students as well. 30 Most Important Organic Conversions.

Chemistry up till class 10th is pretty basic and simple. However, as soon as you reach the higher classes, chemistry gets a little difficult. In case you are preparing to get into an IIT, you must know a few facts about chemistry and how to study it through the IIT JEE chemistry mains advanced video lecture. 30 Most Important Organic Conversions.




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What are organic conversions or organic chemistry conversions?

Converting one organic compound to another organic compound, by using one or more other organic compounds or reagents in a single or multiple steps is called organic conversion. The basic organic reactions are building blocks for the conversion in organic chemistry. 30 Most Important Organic Conversions.

What are the most easy ways for organic conversions in organic chemistry class 12?

In order to do the organic conversions in an easy way, you need to learn about the basic organic chemistry reactions which are provided to us in a chapter in the form of the preparation of a particular compound and chemical properties of it. You need to remember these organic reactions. 30 Most Important Organic Conversions.

Don’t try to rote learn the organic conversions or organic reactions.

Try to write the organic reactions and practice writing as many organic reactions as you can. It will help you to learn them easily.

Tip (which I followed): Prepare a organic conversion chart and paste it on a wall in your room where you can see the chart clearly. If you are doing some other work than studying. Try to look at the chart casually. Remember don’t try to learn the reactions, just look at chart how reactions are occurring. After some days, you will realise that you can remember the organic conversions very well.

I have attached organic conversion charts within the post, to reduce your burden of writing down. Also if you have time to write it down yourself, so you should definitely write it down on your own. 30 Most Important Organic Conversions.

What is asked in exams?

Organic chemistry conversions of class 12 are major problems you have to do in examinations.

Organic conversion questions have an important role in organic chemistry questions. If you practice these organic conversions properly, you can get full marks for these questions in your organic conversion class 12 examinations.

Is there an easy way to do conversion in organic chemistry?

There is no easy way for conversions, but you will make the organic conversions easy when you are well aware of the compounds and reagents. 30 Most Important Organic Conversions.

Try to do the conversions in the minimum number of steps possible.

Always remember the basic organic reactions.

Points to remember:

  • You have to practice as many questions as possible.
  • You have to identify which kind of organic compound is given in question and think about the basic reaction of that compound.
  • Think backward. Try to think from the final product (target compound). How is the final product produced? If there are many methods, which one is the best method? 30 Most Important Organic Conversions.
  • You should have a good knowledge and memory about organic compounds, reagents, and reactions.

It is better to start with the basic conversions, they help you to solve the higher-level conversions. Learn basic reactions in organic chemistry class 11 and organic chemistry class 12. Above all, keep reading the reaction maps that you have or those that are attached here, it helps to keep you updated. 30 Most Important Organic Conversions.

In conclusion, practice as much as possible. Always prefer to write down the reaction on paper (or whiteboard or any other which you prefer), it will help you to remember it for a longer time. Don’t try to memorize it directly from the study material, you will end up getting nothing. In conversion in organic chemistry class 12, the mechanism of reaction will help you a lot to understand the concept of how the reaction is going on. 30 Most Important Organic Conversions.

Try to go through the basic reactions first, i.e., from class 11 Hydrocarbons, and then from the class 12 section starting from chapter 10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes. 30 Most Important Organic Conversions.

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