Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 2

Here we provide you Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 2. Biology as a subject forms an integral part of any PMT exam (nearly 50%) and its importance cannot be denied by any PMT aspirant. Getting the basics right in biology is very crucial from the start of Class XII to crack any PMT exam. The book Trueman’s Elementary Biology for Class XII provides the basic concepts to the students and prepares them well for any entrance exam as well. The book is a very useful guide for the students and adopts an excellent approach to explain the key concepts. Free Download Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 2.

Trueman's Elementary Biology Volume 2Best Selling book for NEET & AIIMS. Vol. II cover general information & the CBSE class XII syllabus. Vol II covers the class XII syllabus along with AIIMS study material. The book contains chapter-wise synopsis followed by multiple-choice questions. Around 14000 MCQs have been given in the book along with answers and hints of difficult questions. Previous years AIPMT/NEET papers have been appended inside. Trueman’s objective biology has been a consistent choice of toppers of medical entrance exams for the last 15 years. Free Download Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 2.

The book has been divided into five sections, each one dedicated to a separate aspect of Biology. In the first section, students will find information on the diversity in the living kingdom. They will also find an introduction to the plant world, biological classification, and diversity in the living world. The second unit comprises the structural organization in the Animal and Plant world. It has sub-sections on Anatomy, Morphology, animal tissues, anatomy of animals, and flowering plants. Free Download Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 2.




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The third section deals with the functioning and structure of the cells. It also has subsections on biomolecules, cycle in cells, and also on Plant physiology. This section also covers the development of plants: their growth, mineral nutrition, respiration, and photosynthesis. The fifth section is entirely dedicated to Human Physiology. Free Download Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 2.

It covers all the essential functions of the human body, like breathing, circulation, absorption, digestion, body fluids, and the exchange of gases. Other important topics like locomotion, movement, excretion, neural control, and chemical control are also covered in this section in good detail. The student is all set to benefit from this book. Written in clear and precise English, understanding the concepts becomes quite easy and interesting. Free Download Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 2.

This textbook of Biology, published by Trueman book company, is certainly of great help for the students to brush up on the fundamental concepts of the topics that are included in the syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum of Class 12. Part of a series of books, This Vol. II is written in a lucid language so that students are able to grasp the basic concepts and memorize them easily. This comprehensive book, featuring detailed illustrations, is widely trusted by the students as well as the aspirants, who are preparing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Free Download Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 2.

Chapters included in the textbook Reproduction in Organisms Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants reproductive health genetics and evolution principles of Inheritance and variations the molecular basis of Inheritance evolution Biology and human Welfare human Health and disease strategies for enhancement in Food Production microbes in Human Welfare Biotechnology and Its applications Biotechnology: principles and Processes applications of Biotechnology Organisms and populations Organisms and populations ecosystem diversity and conservation environmental issues salient features of the textbook each Chapter has been divided into several subsections and elucidated in a topic-wise manner so that students have a better understanding of the concepts. Contains detailed illustrations, in an easy-to-understand format to make the learning simple for the students. Free Download Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 2.


Unit 1. Reproduction

  • Reproduction In Organisms
  • Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
  • Reproductive Health

Unit 2. Genetics And Evolution

  • Principles of Inheritance And Variations
  • Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  • Evolution

Unit 3. Biology And Human Welfare

  • Human Health And Disease
  • Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production
  • Microbes In Human Welfare

Unit 4. Biotechnology And Its Applications

  • Biotechnology: Principles And Processes
  • Applications of Biotechnology

Unit 5. Organisms And Populations

  • Organisms and Populations
  • Ecosystem
  • Biodiversity And Conservation
  • Environmental Issues

About the author:

One of the leading publishers of academic books on various subjects in India, Trueman Publishers was found in 1986 and is based in New Delhi. They also publish books for different types of competitive entrance examinations as well as NET/SET. Free Download Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 2.

An extensive and comprehensive book on elementary Biology, written by M.Br Tyagi and K.N. Bhatia, this book is strongly recommended by teachers and educational consultants for the students of Class eleven. Students who are looking for additional material in medical science and Biology can greatly benefit from this book. The book is very popular amongst students appearing for various competitive examinations as well. Free Download Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 2.


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