NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class Notes

Here we provide you one of the best crash courses for NEET. NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class Notes. Physics Crash course For NEET Examination provided by best physics faculty in Kota. The book includes sections like facts to remember and & important guidelines to help the students prepare for the examination in a better way. Free download NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class Notes.

NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class NotesStudents preparing for NEET/JEE 2021 must have knowledge about the books which should be referred for studies. To get admission in IITs and NITs, students need to secure a high score, which in turn can be achieved only by studying the best books for JEE Main. Students are provided here the list of best books for NEET JEE 2020 recommended by subject experts, previous year toppers, and other aspirants. Cracking the exam where 12 lakh plus students are in competition requires a strong strategy and a plan backed with the best books for NEET JEE Main 2021. Free download NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class Notes.

Physics is a subject that tells us how the world works. From the laws of gravity to the mysteries of the black hole, physics gives us a logical and rational answer to the all-natural phenomenon that we currently know. Most of the concepts in class 12 physics have their concepts explained through the language of mathematics. From the perspective of a student, physics is very important to learn and understand as it is basically one of the fundamental disciplines of science. Free download NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class Notes.




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Why Should You Revise Class 12 Physics?

As stated before, many of the concepts in physics are expressed through the language of mathematics. And mathematics is a subject that has an abstract nature. What this means is, some of the students may find it difficult to comprehend complicated topics. Especially the students who are weak in maths. And unsurprisingly, it will reflect in their exams in the form of poor grades. Fortunately, studying physics is not at all hard. With some effort and dedication, learning becomes a breeze. Free download NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class Notes.

Why Is Revision Important?

The studying process is student-specific I.e., some students prefer kinesthetic studying, some are auditory students, and others may find visual studying to be more efficient. But these different processes are just a part of the studying experience, the other important aspect is the revision. Students have to strengthen their studying, hence revisions are a way to begin this phase. Free download NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class Notes.

  • Enables the student to strengthen their studying
  • Students become more confident during examinations
  • Exam stress and anxiety are decreased
  • Reduced chances of making easy, but conspicuous mistakes
  • Saves valuable time during examinations
  • The correctness of answers are higher

Some of the benefits of these exclusive revision notes include:

  • Prepared by dexterous and adroit faculty consisting of ex-IITians.
  • Based on the latest syllabus of IIT JEE and other engineering exams.
  • Cover almost all important facts and formulae.
  • They have been presented in the crispest and precise form.
  • Easy to memorize.
  • Supported with illustrations from past year papers.
  • The solutions are elaborate and easy to understand.
  • These notes can aid in your last-minute preparation.
  • These notes can actually help you improve your scores!!

Tips and Tricks for NEET (AIPMT) exam:

  • Prepare the entire syllabus—work, especially on important individual sections.
  • Cover all topics given in the syllabus, avoid skipping any topic
  • Clear your basic concepts. Prepare for the exam in a systematic order. Start from the Class 11 syllabus before moving on to Class 12. Free download NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class Notes.
  • Don’t hesitate to clear the confusion from Class 11 even though you are in Class 12.
  • Begin your preparation as soon as possible
  • First, understand concepts from NCERT books before moving on to others.
  • When selecting other books to study from, aim to focus more on Question banks/ sample papers/ previous papers and buy textbooks for topics you have doubts in or are weak in. Free download NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class Notes.
  • Make sure when you buy question banks/ sample papers/ previous year papers that answers are given. This way, you can identify and improve on the sections you went wrong in. Free download NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class Notes.
  • Create a quick revision sheet for each subject. Add points that are important and that you are likely to forget.
  • Follow subject-wise study patterns instead of applying the same studying technique to all subjects, for example, use flow charts for Biology Processes, a formulae list for Physics numerical and mnemonics for Biology and Chemistry.
  • Create a new study schedule every month based on your success or difficulty with the current study schedule.
  • Try to study at least 2 subjects per day and increase to 3 subjects to get into the habit of thinking about all 3 subjects that will appear in the exam. Free download NEET Physics Crash Course By KOTA Class Notes.
  • Study diagrams, even though you won’t be asked to draw any diagram based questions may come.
  • As NEET (AIPMT) questions are not necessarily repeated; it important to revise all topics carefully.
  • Give extra attention to Biology 90 questions are based on it. Study Botany and Zoology equally.
  • Practice Sample papers and previous year papers within the time limit you will be given at the exam.
  • Revise at least twice.

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