Around 19 boards across 14 states follow NCERT textbooks as a chief teaching-learning resource. Thereby, these books become immensely significant study resources for school students in our country. Our NCERT Solutions Series aims to enhance the thinking and learning abilities of students by Explanatory Solutions. 

The questions have been grouped in sets of Chapter End exercises along with Selected NCERT Exemplar Problems. Chemistry for class 12th covers the entire syllabus in 16 Chapters. Each chapter includes Quick Reading Notes, Formulas, Important Results, Equations, Definitions, Keywords, Important Points to ensure complete mastery over the various topics of NCERT.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry by Vedantu are prepared by subject experts. Our Chemistry Class 12 NCERT Solutions are the most preferred study material that is available online. With our standard Class 12 Chemistry NCERT solution, you can prepare better for your upcoming CBSE Board Exams 2019-20. Our NCERT Chemistry Class 12 PDF offers chapter-wise solutions and implements shortcut techniques to ensure quicker solving of problems during examinations. Download NCERT Solution PDF and get well versed with the various concepts. Our solutions are prepared by expert tutors who are diligent and experienced in the subject. You can make use of the solution for the first time practicing or for self-assessment before exams. 




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You can easily access the Chemistry Class 12 NCERT Solutions online or download the PDFs in your laptop or mobile devices and study from anyplace and anytime.

The chapter-wise segregated solutions are beneficial for step by step learning of answers. Chemistry Class 12 NCERT Solutions can help you develop a deep insight into the subject and help you clear the vagueness and the conceptual errors. 

Consider referring to our NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solutions PDF and avail a comprehensive study material without spending a dime. Access our free PDFs and learn even when you are on the go as you can access it from your mobile devices as well.

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