RC Mukherjee chemistry book Modern Approach to Chemical Calculation free pdf book is an essential book for science stream students especially for those who are preparing for different engineering entrance exams such as IIT JEE Main & Advance and all other state level competitive exams.

RC Mukherjee chemistry book mainly written for the student preparing for Competitive entrance exams, Modern Approach to a chemical calculation by RC Mukherjee is a comprehensive book on the chemistry that is equally relied upon for gaining an edge by applicants appearing for competitive examinations held for securing admission to prestigious engineering and medical schools of the country.

Chemistry is being a vast subject that requires much clarity in understanding the basics before moving higher, rc mukherjee chemistry book free pdf book in a very methodical way dissects each topic, gives examples, explains the derivation of laws and formulas in an easy to understand language.


BOOK NAME – Modern Approach To Chemical Calculation.

AUTHOR – RC Mukherjee.



EDITION:- 2019

The book also has the amount of supplement of solved and unsolved problems, which help in better understanding of the concepts.

RC Mukherjee tried to make theoretical section much easier that even a Below average student can also understand every concept explained in the book by himself. RC Mukherjee modern approach to chemical calculations chemistry book is one of the best Physical Chemistry books for IIT JEE exam preparation. This book excellently covers all types of numerical problems which are liked to be asked into Physical Chemistry. It has a large number of questions.

All the topics related to JEE syllabus are well covered and defined with a proper explanation by RC Mukherjee. The solved examples are well-explained to help students solve chemical problems quickly and easily, RC Mukherjee modern approach to chemical calculation Chemistry book starts with the concept of the mole. The numerical problems given are from all branches of Chemistry at the level of 10+2.


1. language used in the book by RC Mukherjee is Simple and expressive and easily understandable by all types of students (Basic, Advance Master).

2. difficulty order of questions Gradually increases as we move from the first question to the last question of any exercise.

(This trick is very helpful for an average and weak student, as he can build up his basic concept from simple exercises than he can switch to advance level questions).

3. A large collection of MCQs question is given in every exercise.

(which are very helpful for those candidates who are preparing for  JEE Mains exams  and all other state level exams).

4. the Fundamental principal of Chemistry are well defined.

5. marvelous book for those who want to start from basics.

6. thesis/Theory part of Physical Chemistry is well defined followed by outstanding problems.


1. The Mole Concept.

2. Stoichiometry.

3. Eudiometry or Gas Analysis.

4. Atomic Weight.

5. Molecular Weight.

6. Chemical Equivalence.

7. Volumetric Calculations.

8. Electrolysis and Electrolytic Conductance.

9. Estimation of Elements in Organic Chemistry.

10. Empirical, Molecular and Structural Formulae.

11. Atomic Structure And Radioactivity.

12. Properties Of Gasses.

13. Dilute Solution and Colligative Properties.

14. Chemical Thermodynamics.

15. Chemical Equilibrium.

16. Ionic Equilibrium in Aqueous Solutions.

17. Chemical Kinetics.

18. Electromotive forces.

19. Oxidation NO & Balancing Redox reactions.

20. Solid and the Liquid States.

21. Revisions problems.

22. Objective Questions.

Once the reader is familiar with basic concepts given in this book with a perfection then solving the problem from this In fact from any book become just only a part of the fun(Easy Task) for the reader.   

Many IITians Said in their interview that RC Mukherjee is HC Varma of chemistry and book is HCV of physical chemistry.

Chemistry is scoring section in IIT JEE because it is considered as the easiest section as compared to all other sections, So if you have a proper command over this subject than you can score more it this section which definitely boosts you rank in IIT JEE advance. Due to that RC Mukherjee become a must-read material for all those aspirant which are seeking admission in IITs/NITs and NEET/AIPMT.


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