This brand new revision aid has been designed specifically to help medical students memorize essential clinical facts, invaluable throughout medical studies and particularly useful in the pressured run-up to final exams. Over 100 maps are organized by body system, with a concluding section of miscellaneous examples.

The book’s format has been designed with the student in mind – it is pocket sized and the maps summarize a variety of aspects, including the definition of the disease, causes, investigations, treatments and complications, to aid in recall. Ideally suited for students and early postgraduates revising for exams, this convenient and portable distillation of knowledge will aid in memorization and save many hours of note taking.

Mind Maps for Medical Students represents an industrious and valuable piece of work 

from an undergraduate student. But perhaps I should start by saying what it is not. It is neither a textbook nor a definitive information source for students encountering a topic for the first time. It cannot give a comprehensive account of every topic listed and some information will change as the world of medicine rapidly evolves.




SIZE – 3.1MB

PAGES – 242

So what does Mind Maps for Medical Students offer? The author has provided rapid revision notes covering a broad range of medical topics, ideally suited to students and early postgraduates revising for exams. This distillation of knowledge will save many hours of note taking for other students. The format will appeal to those who construct their knowledge in logical sequences and the layout will allow the reader to add notes and annotations as information changes or to add a local context.

The author is to be congratulated on providing so much information in such a 

concise format and I hope that many others will be rewarded by her endeavours.

SOURCE:- Unknown

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