Here we are providing you ENGINEERING MATERIAL MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS WITH ANSWER. This is useful for GATE exam and also useful for all technical related government EXAM. You may download this below the post.

 Materials that are used as raw material for any sort of construction or manufacturing in an organized way of engineering application are known as Engineering Materials. For example, the computer or the pen we use, are manufactured through controlled engineering processes. These gadgets make use of materials like HDPE, PP, Pb-Silica glass, copper, aluminium, tin, etc. in their fabrication. Civil construction works like bridges, dams, houses, roads, pavements are carried out with raw materials like stone, chips, cement, clay, paint, bars, etc.

Everything we use in our daily life can be tailored to use for specific cases. This can be done efficiently if we know the property of each material beforehand. Hence, materials have been extensively tested for their properties and classified into broad groups. From this grouping one can know about the gross property of any group of material.

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