Books are an integral part of the preparation for an exam. When it comes to IIT JEE, it takes not only a lot of dedication and hard work to crack it, but it does take a lot of planning and strategy to beat this troublesome test within 2 years. Even though the information of sophistication XI and XII square measure succinctly given for mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry in the JEE main website, students fail to complete it on time. But, There are students who Prepare for JEE from Class XI and since the syllabus is same, they find it very compatible with IIT JEE Syllabus.

Moreover they must not solely target the theoretical components of Physics and Chemistry. For IIT JEE, they need to solve lots of numerical problems for both Physics and Chemistry. Sometimes the book which is good for clearing the basic concept is not good for solving problems and vice versa. Here, the students need help from the seniors or past IIT JEE Students get the help of the reliable books.

The IIT JEE paper setters usually come with a strategy to comprise the paper with an adequate mixture of easy questions, medium questions and difficult questions judging by their difficulty level. By reading simple NCERT books, lots of students qualify JEE preliminary quite easily.





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PAGES – 1071

But qualifying JEE Mains becomes a hard nut to crack since they have to read beyond NCERT books. In Class XII, it becomes some student’s nightmare to juggle with reading the core textbooks and the JEE Advanced books within just a short span of time. Some students become compelled to lose a year or so to take the JEE Mains twice one year after another since they fail to qualify the exam in their initial attempt.

The entire Indian student nation wants to study in the premium tire of Indian Engineering institutions like NITs and IITs since these clusters of institutions being the most coveted institutions. So the books one chooses become their indispensable investment for not solely these 2 years of their lives however conjointly to curve their entire future career.


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