1000 Multiple choice questions in Organic chemistry

1000 Multiple choice questions in Organic chemistry. These multiple-choice questions cover all the core topics of Organic Chemistry. This book is a very helpful and highly recommended study aid for students preparing for A-level, GRE, DAT, Bachelor of Science, Engineering entrance exams, and Medical entrance exams. Free download 1000 Multiple choice questions in Organic chemistry.

1000 Multiple choice questions in Organic chemistryOrganic chemistry is the most interesting part of JEE chemistry lectures. Although interesting, they are hard to learn and understand. However, with proper training and IIT JEE chemistry video lectures, these can be made easy to understand and follow. The important part of organic chemistry is learning the properties of carbon and how it interacts with other elements. Carbon is a very interesting material that is all around us. Organic chemistry teaches you how it is present around us. It forms several compounds like alcohols and ethers that the equations and formulae can be a headache.

Chemistry up till class 10th is pretty basic and simple. However, as soon as you reach the higher classes, chemistry gets a little difficult. In case you are preparing to get into an IIT, you must know a few facts about chemistry and how to study it through the IIT JEE chemistry mains advanced video lecture. Free download 1000 Multiple choice questions in Organic chemistry.




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JEE Advanced crash course is designed for students who are aiming to clear the IIT JEE exam and grab a seat in one of the prestigious IITs in the country. Our subject matter experts have carefully developed this crash course, especially to help JEE candidates prepare effectively for IIT JEE Advanced 2020. Free download 1000 Multiple choice questions in Organic chemistry.

This book will help the student assess the breadth of the student’s knowledge and understanding of the core concepts of Organic Chemistry. Remember that the Multiple-Choice questions:

  • Are not simply definitions
  • Require the application of recalled information
  • Require fine distinction between correct and nearly-correct statements
  • Emphasize conceptual understanding.

The JEE Advanced 2020 crash course covers the complete JEE Advanced 2020 syllabus with a greater focus on all the important topics from an examination perspective. Students will further get in-depth knowledge of the concepts discussed in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. In essence, students or JEE aspirants at any stage of their preparation will be benefited from the JEE Advanced crash course. Free download 1000 Multiple choice questions in Organic chemistry.

Sometimes, these JEE video lectures are better than theoretical studies because concepts can revise effectively. Moreover, it makes chemistry preparation for IIT JEE all the better. Confidence is built, and these video lectures are available easily. Free download 1000 Multiple choice questions in Organic chemistry.

We follow the commitment of training students thoroughly so that they show the best performance in competitive exams. They are exclusive and unique and provide a unique angle to preparing for exams. Motion graphics are always remembering in mind, and this is why we stress video lectures. Free download 1000 Multiple choice questions in Organic chemistry.

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