Learning Science does not mean merely gaining of knowledge about facts and principles; rather it is a path which is enlightened by scientific truths, verified experimentally. Keeping these facts in mind, lab manual for Science have been planned, evaluated under subject Enrichment Activities. Basic Concept of Experiments. Before performing the experiments the BASIC CONCEPT section of each experiment helps the students in understanding the aim of experiment and to achieve the result with minimum error.

Lab Experiments with Interactive Session and NCERT Lab Manual Questions. Large number of thought provoking oral questions ashed by the “EXAMINER” with answer given by “EXAMINEE” are presented in a lively manner at the end of each experiment. Fully solved NCERT Lab Manual Questions are given. Practical Based Questions:science lab manual also includes large number of PBQs based on each experiment with their answers, covering NCT, MSE, DAV, KVS and Previous Years’ Questions, are given experiment wise for a complete coverage of concepts. To design full adder and full subtract or and verify its truth table using logic gates. To design full adder and full subtract or and verify its truth table using logic gates. To study negative feedback in op amp (summing/difference). To construct an astable multivibrator using transistor and to determine the frequency of oscillation. To design basic comparator and Zero crossing detector using 741 op amp. Application of op-amp as an integrator/differentiator amplifier.

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